Swiss Alps Stories

Hello! I am so sorry for the lack of blog post recently. It’s been a little crazy around here. The last two weekends I have travelled to see the Swiss Alps. The first weekend, I went with a group of friends to Lake Como. It was such a beautiful experience, even when it was raining. This last weekend I went to Brusson, Italy in the mountains with ESN. ESN is a non-profit organization set up at European universities to help international students feel welcome. We had so much fun. There was drinking, dancing, games, etc. I made so many friends this weekend. I learned that it is stupid to play volleyball on a mountain, because the ball will roll down the hill. I also learned that I’m not bad at football (soccer), which is really exciting.

Classes started this week and my schedule had gotten messed up, so today was my first day of class. I am really going to enjoy my theatre class. We have to write a play and then perform it. It’s going to be so much fun!

Tomorrow morning I am flying to England to see my friend, Katie. It’s really cool because last time I was in England, I was with Katie. It’ll be really nice to see someone from home.

Well, I have another class soon, so I hope you enjoyed reading this post and enjoy looking at these beautiful pictures!

Until next time,



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