The Scavenger Hunt

It is 2 in the afternoon in this beautiful city. Though it is very humid, the university placed us in groups and sent us on a scavenger hunt around the city. If my home institution, MSSU, placed all of the international students together (many who have never been to the United States) and told them to walk around Joplin and find clues, everyone would say they were crazy. Walking in Europe is so common, that it is an annual tradition here at UCSC.

I got to see some very beautiful places on this scavenger hunt. Though I saw the outside of the Milan Cathedral, I did not have time go inside. Fun fact- it took 6 CENTURIES to build it. Here are some of the pictures of the pretty places I got to visit. 😁

One thing that I was very nervous about prior to coming to Italy, was making friends. I’m very awkward and am not great at making friends at home. One of my best friends told me to just smile and be myself. I texted that friend today and informed him that I’ve been social and have made friends; he was very proud. Being in Italy has helped me give me confidence. Everyone that I’ve talked to has been so kind and I am so lucky to have this opportunity.



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